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Starting the New and Handing Off the Old: Onboarding, Organizational Memory, and Succession Planning

by flickr user chris messley

by flickr user chris messley

I recently joined the Editorial Board of In the Library with the Lead Pipe, and just last week my term as member manager of The Hub ended. Joining an already-established group and handing off an ongoing project to someone new has had me thinking about onboarding, organizational memory, and succession planning among librarians.

While this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, it’s caught my attention before. (more…)

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1 Comment August 21, 2013

Other Things I Wrote

by flickr user Allie Holzman

by flickr user Allie Holzman

During my personal blogging hiatus, I was spending a lot of my free time on Amazing Audiobooks and on running The Hub, but I did make some time to write — it just wasn’t here. In case you missed any of it and are some sort of Gretchen Completionist, here are my words, elsewhere:

On The Hub

On the YALSAblog

Things I Did Not Tell You: I Was on the Radio! Plus M. T. Anderson, Pittacus Lore, and NaNoWriMo books at The Hub

Dear readers, there are things I have not told you. Between summer reading, preparing for our first-ever high school lock-in at my library, and then the 31 Days of Authors feature at The Hub in October, I’ve been very busy–and being busy has kept me from sharing things with you.

The most exciting of those things is that back at the beginning of September, one of our children’s librarians and I were on the radio! In honor of the release of the fifth movie, Jane Williams invited us to talk about Harry Potter and its effect on kids and their reading for her Bloomberg EDU program. It was really exciting and a lot of fun and I’m so glad we were given the chance to do this. (Also exciting: that same day I visited the feather store that supplies Big Bird’s plumage!) You can listen to the segment online [mp3]; our part starts at the 14-minute mark. I know this was two months ago, but I’d still love to hear what you think!


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Leave a Comment November 1, 2011

The Hub: I interviewed James Patterson!

Librarianship isn’t a particularly glamorous job. There are fun parts and exciting parts and opportunities for greatness, yes, but in general, it’s not something you do for the prestige. Every once in a while, though, you do get the chance to do something pretty awesome.

I had one of those chances this month: I got to interview James Patterson over the phone. We talk about authors as rockstars, but James Patterson really is a Big Deal. Recently, his books have sold more copies than Dan Brown’s, John Grisham’s, and Stephen King’s combined.

This interview happened because as part of our 31 Days of Authors at The Hub, we’re featuring the people who brought us the titles that made this year’s Teens’ Top Ten list–and because Mr. Patterson preferred a phone call over an email exchange. I was super-nervous, but I think it went well! I wrote up the highlights of our conversation in a post for The Hub today. Click through and give it a read! I learned some interesting things about his writing process and how he sees his books especially.

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4 Comments October 25, 2011

The Hub: Blythe Woolston, author–and reader

Since Teen Read Week is coming up, we’re devoting the entire month to talking about authors at The Hub with our 31 Days of Authors feature. We’ll have interviews, author profiles, and personal essays about how authors and their books have influenced us.

My post today is about Blythe Woolston, who wrote the Morris-Award winning The Freak Observer. I talk about how Blythe identifies as a reader and why I like that. Hop on over to The Hub to read the post, and check out the rest of our 31 Days of Authors posts throughout the month!

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The Hub: Fintastic: the rise of mermaids and sirens

Photo by flickr user merwing little dear

I’m really excited for autumn, but if you’re sad to say goodbye to summer, check out the mermaid and siren books I wrote about at The Hub. I also muse a little bit about what it is about mermaids that makes them so interesting.

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Find me at The Hub

Exciting news: I’ve been named the new member manager of YALSA’s YA lit-focused blog, The Hub. I’m really psyched about the opportunity to help guide the The Hub as it becomes an even more awesome resource for people who love YA lit. In addition to the management aspects, I’ll also be contributing to The Hub, so I’ll be cross-posting what I write there here, too, the way I do now for the YALSAblog.

If any of you YA lit fans out there are interested in contributing to The Hub, let me know! I’d also love to hear any ideas or suggestions you have for the blog.

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5 Comments August 29, 2011

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