Review Policy

Blogging is not my job: it’s something I do because I love YA lit and YA librarianship. Thus, I’m happy to accept ARCs and review copies of books from authors and publishers. I’m also open to doing author interviews, blog tours, and contests.

However, I cannot guarantee that I will review all books that are sent to me. I will at least give them a try. I don’t often post negative reviews, but I may do so if a book particularly bothers me or if I feel that negative reviews need to be part of the discussion about that book. Even if I post a negative review, it will be a fair one.

I’ve realized that I can give the best reviews to books that I am predisposed to like in one way or another (although I’m certainly not opposed to the possibility of serendipity in reading something outside of my usual interests, and I do read widely for my job), so what follows are genres, categorizations, and qualities in books that I like, will give a shot, and dislike:


  • Sci-fi, fantasy, and dystopian stories
  • Books with strong female protagonists (and books that are overtly feminist)
  • Books that play with gender, books that address LGBTQIA issues
  • Books that address social issues in general
  • Graphic novels and manga
  • Books with lots of gross stuff that are aimed at middle school boys
  • Middle grade books in general
  • Books by debut authors
  • Books that don’t fit easily into genre categories

Will give a shot

  • Historical fiction [I love some and I hate some and haven’t figured out parameters for that yet]
  • Romance [for similar reasons as historical fiction]
  • Stories with paranormal elements [but probably not paranormal romance]
  • Non-fiction [wholly dependent on the subject]
  • Memoirs and biographies [depends on the person/subject]


  • Inspirational fiction
  • How-to books
  • Self-help books
  • Books that are mostly about mother-daughter relationships and don’t have some other major element to them
  • Books that are super-violent

I also do not generally review self-published novels.

If you send me a book or ARC and I choose to review it, that review will usually appear on my blog within one month. Please understand, though, that there is more to my life than reviewing and blogging, and reviews may sometimes appear more quickly or after a longer period of time than that. If I receive a book before its publication date, I will try to post a review by that date.

When I am finished with a book or an ARC, I will either keep it, give it to teen readers at my library, or pass it on to another librarian or educator.

Most books I review are sent to me by the publisher, and I will always note the source of a book in my review. I do not receive any sort of compensation for my reviews.

The opinions and perspectives I express in my reviews are not those of my employer, my professional associations, or any other group with which I am affiliated. They are mine alone.

If you have questions that this review policy doesn’t cover or want more information on sending me materials, please email me.

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