#ALA2013 follow-up: keeping up with ebooks

July 15, 2013

ala annual 2013 chicago logoOne of the things I did at Annual this year was lead a table talk at the Maintaining Teen E-Collections session where we discussed the difficulties in keeping up with what’s going on in the ebook world and good resources to follow to stay current. I came with some ideas, but I also learned a lot from participants! Here’s the final list of suggested resources:

ALA Store books

Blogs, newsletters, etc.

Custom email alerts

  • Set up a Google alert for a search term like [[ebooks libraries]]
  • FictFact (select series/authors to follow, get notifications when new books, including ebook novellas between books in a series) come out
  • Pew Research Center email alerts for certain topics

Custom reading lists

  • Use Zite or Prismatic to select topics and then thumbs-up/thumbs-down articles so it learns your tastes

Organizations to watch

Putting patrons in touch with publishers

Are there other blogs, books, people, institutions, or tools you use to stay on top of ebook and e-reading developments? Let me know in the comments!

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